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How to Choose best Smartphone

Some believe that there are two types of people in the world: those who carry an iPhone in their hands and those who brag about Samsung. In reality, other brands and features also provide diversity, creating a wide selection of smartphones, where even the most demanding user can find the right product. So read the tips to choose the right phone according to your wishes and requirements. 

Smartphones are constantly near us for a reason and represent one of the more important things we carry with us. They are email, Facebook, Instagram, games, alarm clock, camera and flashlight in one, so it is very important which one you choose.

“Don’t pay as much as you need. This rule applies to basic users, who need three calls, five messages and seven photos a week – they will push their head through the wall with the purchase of a smart “companion”. Reach really too deep into his pocket.”

When Buying, Pay Attention to the Following Features…

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How many smartphone manufacturers would you know to list? In our stores, we provide a wide selection of smartphones, and for now, we would focus on the Big Five, which most often appear in your shopping baskets.


Apple has been constantly evolving with each newer model since that cold January ten years ago, announcing its first smartphone. The late Steve Jobs, the father of the iPhone, who perceived taking LSD as one of the three most important things in his life, dictated guidelines for the advancement of smartphones and provided users with what they needed before they even realized it.


The vast majority of Samsung smartphones offer the user a longer battery life, which is convenient for business people and field workers who are constantly on the go. Their devices are trustworthy, reliable, reputable and competitive.


Huawei is a Chinese company that has climbed to a high third place in terms of phone production. Like the rest, most manufacturers closely follow sales trends and create phones that offer a different user experience.

Sony Xperia

At the Japanese phone manufacturer, they take care of business users as they are very durable. Some Sony Xperia models are waterproof and protect the interior from dust, and all products boast a long battery life, which counts enormously in a business where the phone is constantly at hand.


The company Wiko faces a giant among mobile phone manufacturers, as she entered the TOP 5 brands of mobile phones in Western Europe. Wiko observes, analyzes and understands what everyone expects from their phone. It strives to strike a balance between technology, design, quality and price. It offers a wide range of mobile devices that will satisfy every user.

LG Mobile

LG may not enjoy as much attention in the field of mobile telephony as it does in consumer electronics, but the company has still produced a model that stands out from all the others. The LG G7 has a replaceable battery, which is especially handy when you forget to carry a charger with you.

“Regardless of the battery life of your phone, it makes sense to consider buying a charging station, wireless charger or the so-called power bank, with which you change your phone even when you do not have electricity with you.”


For a long time now, smartphones are no longer just gadgets that serve only their purpose, but they are also a fashion accessory that says a lot about the person who owns them. Researchers at Nokia have come to the following conclusions … People who choose the cyan colour of mobile phones are thinkers and philosophers, those who like white phones are sophisticated and set high standards, and black lovers (who are in the majority) they are usually people who stick to the “ go with the flow ” principle.

The black colour of the case is suitable for people who spend a lot of time watching long videos and nightly messages, as it represents a pleasant contrast between the content and the background. Bright colours often lose their lustre over time, which spoils the look of an expensive phone. When choosing metallic colours, stick to bright ones, as they show less damage and scratches. Apple users often use different colours, such as rose gold or gold, to show that they are proud users of the brand.

Operating System

There is a constant battle between operating systems, with iOS and Android leading the way, followed by Windows Mobile. While Android and Windows Mobile have changed their look over the years, iOS has remained more or less the same since 2007. Android made a big leap in design in 2014 when it introduced Lollipop 5.0, which added more shine and brilliance to the overall experience. Android works on the principle of “app drawer”, which contains all the applications that you have downloaded to your phone.

IOS, among other things, is still considered the simplest system compared to the other two. Unless you have a lot of apps loaded, the home screen is much friendlier than the rest.

Windows Mobile does not seem to repeat itself for the competition. The home screen is filled with the tiles of the basic programs, and by moving left or right we access other applications.

Not only the operating system is important, also pay attention to the space that the phone memory offers. Fortunately, phones with 16 GB of space are already out of fashion, as they have been replaced by those with 32 GB. If you plan to record a lot of recordings, especially in 4K resolution, choose a phone with 64 GB or more of “large storage”. Each operating system has access to its own app store. In general, Android has the ability to access almost all important applications, and at the same time or not long after that, iOS gets them. Of course, the Windows Store contains applications such as Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox and the like, but unfortunately it lags behind the other two in terms of innovations.

Display Technology

Do you know the differences between different display technologies?

LCD (Liquid Cristal Display) or liquid crystal display uses liquid crystal technology to display the image. Due to its many advantages, obsolete cathode ray tube (CRT) screens have been pushed out of use – response time is faster and power consumption is lower, so they are used for TV screens, computers, calculators, watches and mobile phones.

LED screens are suitable for demanding users or those who spend a lot of time playing games. The screen is very energy efficient, as the light is emitted by LED diodes. They achieve the highest contrast ratio of all display technologies. The higher contrast ratio allows you to display a more intense black color and thus more different color shades, and the image is more natural colors.

OLED technology uses a natural substance that, in combination with an electric current, lights up and emits light. The latest design significantly reduces the thickness and weight of the device. The curved OLED screen provides a quality view of the screen that does not change up to an angle of 45 degrees.

AMOLED technology is used by both TVs and mobile devices . They provide a higher refresh rate, have excellent response times and consume much less power, which significantly reduces battery consumption.

The TFT version of the LCD screen uses an additional network of thin-film transistors that create an image of even better quality. They are brighter than LCD screens, with better contrast and faster response times.

Phone Diagonal

Research has shown that the diagonal of the screen plays an important role in buying a phone. The unit of measurement in which the distance from one point of the phone is measured is expressed in inches (inches). To convert the number to centimeters, we need to multiply the inch by a factor of 2.54.

The user experience also depends on whether you can operate the phone with only one hand, or whether you need to use the other hand to click on the upper left corner. You probably don’t think this is an important feature at the moment, but using it on a full bus, where you have to hold the handle with one hand and operate the phone with the other, you realize the advantage of a suitably large screen.

Phone manufacturers are aware, among other things, that large screens are a good choice for people with more concrete fingers who would find it difficult to squeeze the right word on the screen in the first place. Every millimeter counts, they say. You can also opt for a bigger screen if you are used to watching a lot of recordings and matches over the phone. Apple has made a big leap in the diagonal of the screen with the Plus model, which looks like a much bigger brother compared to its predecessor. Despite its size, the phone is easy to manage, as it offers the option of a lowered screen, which makes it easier to reach the upper corners.  Comparison between iPhone 8, 8 plus and X [/ caption]

Main Camera Resolution

Resolution or resolution is mainly divided into three categories: 6 to 10 MP (megapixels), 11 to 16 MP and 17 to 22 MP. The front camera is always of poorer quality than the main one on the back of the phone, as it is assumed that the “posers” in front of the front camera are much closer than those standing on the other side. The resolution of the camera has recently become more important than the processor, especially for those for whom the phone is the main source of memory creation.

The resolution of the main camera is led by the Huawei P20 Pro, which pushes the boundaries with its triple Leica camera, as it enables 5x zoom, flash focus, super slow motion and better photos in the dark. The Huawei P20 Pro has a 40 MP RGB camera that provides focus and contrast for each of your shots.

No matter which phone you choose in the end, make sure it is safe. Wrap it in a cover that will protect it from moments of carelessness that are all too well known to everyone.

To buy your Huawei phone and cover at the best price, you are just a step away. Quickly click on the link below and secure your Huawei phone.

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